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The Ministry of Endowments launches a campaign to support the education of non-Kuwaiti children of imams and muezzins in private schools

05 October 2020

From October 11 to November 26, in partnership with the General Secretariat of Awqaf

The Ministry of Endowments launches a campaign to support the education of non-Kuwaiti children of imams and muezzins in private schools

The Director of Attribution Department at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Dr. Yahya Ayed Al-Rashidi, announced that the ministry will organize a campaign to support the education of children of non-Kuwaiti imams and muezzins in private schools for the academic year 2020-2021 AD, in partnership with the General Secretariat of Endowments.

Al-Rashidi explained in a press statement: The campaign will start from October 11 to November 26, during which the requests will be received, accompanied by the required documents to the mosque sector in Al-Raqi area, in Othman bin Affan Hall in the Imams and Muezzins Training Building.

He pointed out that the administration of attribution in the mosque sector always seeks to provide support to the sector workers in all departments in the mosques of the governorates of the State of Kuwait, including imams and muezzins.

For his part, the Observer of Care and Housing, Faisal Sayah Al-Mutairi, said: He gave his instructions to provide all the necessary care services to the imams and muezzins, hoping that this attention would result in lightening the burdens of life on them to help them fulfill the noble mission entrusted to them.

He added: The mosque sector will provide support to approximately (2000) male and female students in all different educational stages, "primary, intermediate and secondary," provided to the imams and muezzins workers in the mosque sector, which is a grateful offer that must be viewed with gratitude and appreciation.

First: the required documents:

1- A recent salary certificate.
2- A Business Continuity Certificate from the administration.
3 - Success certificate for the previous academic year (original + copy).
4- A certificate from the school stating that the student is enrolled in it for the current academic year.
5- Children’s birth certificate and marriage contract (original and copy). (When applying for the first time).
6- A school certificate indicating the amount of school fees due detailing each student separately, with writing the school's account number in the bank (IBAB BANK), the bank name, and the school’s civil number.
7- The passport of the wife and children, the last entry stamp (original and copy).
8- A letter from the wife’s employer not to benefit from the education support in schools (if she works for a government agency or a private school).
9- The original civil ID of the wife, children and guardian, and copies of it.
10 - An equivalent certificate approved by private education in Kuwait for the success certificate for students coming from their country.

Second: Applications are submitted, accompanied by the required documents, to the Care Section of the Support Department in Al-Raqi District, starting October 11, 2020 AD. Applications will not be accepted after the end of the prescribed period.

Notice :
- Any requests will be accepted if they do not fulfill the conditions and conditions.
- There is no photocopy of documents inside the sector.

Registration dates:

- From Sunday 10/11/2020 until Thursday 26/11/2020.
- From 9 am to 1 pm.

The mosque sector in Al-Raqi - the imams and muezzins building - Othman bin Affan Hall.

The dates for delivery of applications are recorded via the following link or scanning the code: https://visits.awqaf.gov.kw

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