22 July 2024 | 16 Muharram 1446
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Endowments: They are continuing with activities and programs in the last ten days
The Assistant Undersecretary for Media and External Relations at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, confirmed that the ministry’s activities and programs will continue in the last ten days of Ramadan, explaining that “the ministry is keen on the existence of an atmosphere of faith in this holy month, especially in the last ten days despite the closure of mosques and the failure to perform the Tarawih prayers. And do as was happening in past years ».
15 July 2020
The third family forum
The third family forum
14 July 2020
Al-Afasy: The activities and events of the Ministry of Endowments through the application of the Ramadan Center and electronic programs
The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs in the State of Kuwait is keen to maintain the existence of the faith atmosphere in the holy month of Ramadan from the lessons of preaching and religious guidance through the application of Ramadan in your home, "Ramadan Electronic Center"
12 July 2020

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