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Prof. Sami Al-Suqair: The imam of the mosque should be an example in his beliefs, worship, and behavior

21 January 2018

The imamate of mosques has a great role in Islamic societies, a role that needs special specifications and qualifications that are better for individuals who are standing up to this enormous task, so the imam in the concept of Sharia is the one who is followed by people, and he is the guide, the signifier of goodness, and the mediator Among the disputants, and the secretary of everyone, if a Muslim goes to the mosque at least five times a day and night, this provides a great opportunity for the imams to establish Islamic morals and their purposes among the worshipers, to demonstrate the spirit and essence of the faith, and to document solidarity and cooperation among Muslims, for this The imam’s religious and missionary value has been great and remarkable throughout history. As it represents a reference for people in every aspect of life.
To shed more light on the educational and guiding role entrusted to imams and preachers of mosques in the Islamic community, Prof. Dr. Sami bin Muhammad Al-Suqair, a lecturer in both the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, and a member of the teaching staff at Qassim University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, emphasized that the imamate in prayer It is one of the first religious functions that the Islamic State has known and defended as a fate, which the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, personally practiced, and chose a constellation of the best companions for it after him.

On the most important features of the responsibilities and job duties of imams and preachers, Dr. Hawking in several points:

First: For the imam to be a scholar with a true creed, eloquent, eloquent, knowledgeable and familiar with the jurisprudential rulings, in order to correct the acts of worship and answer the questions of the congregation regarding the rulings of prayer or purity or the like.

Second: That he adheres to the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, in his prayer and in his imamate. People are also disciplined in terms of timing, so do not be deceived by people, sometimes it is offered, and sometimes it is delayed, because if it comes, many people may miss the congregational prayer, and if it delays the imprisonment of people from their interests and livelihood.

Third: One of the duties of the imam is to set an example for the congregation, in his faith, worship, methodology, and behavior, and to be of good reputation and have a good effect, because the imam is following him by the people behind him, so he should make sure to set a good example for them, so that they do not see Some of it violates the Sharia, or contradicts manners or public taste.
Fourth: To be keen on exhorting people and reminding them, because the imam is not just that the imam enters to pray with the people and then leaves, the imamate in its essence is greater and more important than that, so he should strive to exhort people and teach them the rituals of their religion, and before and after that. To teach them the correct, sound belief that is free of impurities, and to strive to address the apparent evils, by holding lessons, lectures and scientific courses in coordination with the Ministry of Endowments, and in cooperation with the preachers and scholars who will be of assistance to him in carrying out his message.
Fifthly: Among the duties of the imam is to take care of the mosque in which the people lead, and to make sure to inspect the worshipers, so he asks about the absent, returns the patient, extends a helping hand to the needy, advises those in need of advice and reminders, as well as keen to follow up the affairs of the mosque and its attachments. And constant consideration of it, inspect the workers in the mosque, and make sure that they carry out their duties in preparing the mosque for the worshipers, so that the mosque remains in a state befitting the houses of God which our Lord mentioned in his dear book: Light: 36.

Sixth: The imam should be keen to raise doctrinal issues, urge the devotion of servitude to God, the Exalted, and address the legitimate mistakes that occur to the general population, as many simple people have errors in belief, or in how to perform ritual acts, or in the jurisprudence of purity, as well as That some people fall into disobedience to parents, neglect the children or neglect the rights of the wife. All of these issues need imams and preachers to touch upon them and draw the attention of mosque-goers about them.
and on the whole; The preacher should set his sights on making the Muslim worship God with insight, on the approach of God Almighty, and the Sunnah of his honorable Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.

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