01 February 2023 | 10 Rajab 1444
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Prof. Ibrahim Al-Mayman: Most of the acts of worship prescribed by God call for meeting and harmony and forbidding division and conflict

04 March 2018

The division is a disease and a scourge on individuals and nations, because it tends their hands and preoccupies them with hatred and struggles for good and building, so that it may lead them into the temptation of strife and fighting, so the Muslim community disrupts its noble mission of reform and construction, and the Muslims disrupt their solemn mission of spreading the call of God to the horizons of the earth, Continuous in truth and justice, and cooperating in righteousness and piety.

On the position of Al-Sharaa regarding the claims of division and partying, Prof. Ibrahim bin Muhammad Qasim al-Mayman, Vice-President of the Imam University for the affairs of scientific institutes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stressing that meeting is the goal of the believers, and the purpose of the monotheists, and calling the prophets and messengers, so meeting the word of people and uniting their ranks on the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Messenger, and obedience to their rulers, is the intention of The purposes of the law, so the believers do not divide the ranks, do not mobilize people against the rulers of the matter, and they are not the cause of the division of Muslims and undermining the unity of their nation under any name or justification.
I have varied connotations in the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger on the same destination achieve, Vamtn God to His Prophet peace be upon him in this regard when the Almighty said: {and A between their hearts if spent in all of earth draw between their hearts, but Allah has united them. He is Mighty, Wise } [Al-Anfal: 63], the one who composed the hearts and gathered the word is God Almighty, after the people in Jahiliyyah were ignorant, and a blind group, and in another place the Glory be to all Muslims commanded: He formed among your hearts, and you became brothers with His grace. And he makes them cling to the rope of God without being separated by immediate interests, nor worldly disputes.

And the command of God to unify ranks and adhere to the righteous path of God was not limited to the followers of the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, but all the prophets united their followers on the pure servitude of God and not to divide. that religion is not steadfast in it Ttafrqgua} [Shura: 13], but some scientists say that the commandments revealed in Surat cattle came in all heavenly boredom, {and that this is My straight, follow him and do not follow the ways you scattered about him. that is done and Sakm Perhaps you will fear.} [Al-An'am: 153], the divine command in this verse is clear. If we want to survive, we follow the path of God's path, and then after several verses from the same Surah Allah exonerate the Holy Messenger of the reasons for the band {Those who divide their religion and were sects not one of them in anything but ordered them to God and then inform them of what they were doing [cattle: 159] .

And whoever contemplates the acts of worship that God has prescribed, he finds that they all call for assembly, harmony and cooperation, and to fight all calls for division, conflict and individuality, starting with the prayer whose objectives include the gathering of people upon establishing them, uniting the ranks, and filling the gaps, and even the ritual of the universal Hajj, in which the new Muslims gather. From the east and west of the earth, which unites people on one purpose, one rite, and one appearance, does the contemplator need more than this to indicate the extent of the Shari’s care for people gathering?

On the other hand, when we look at the wider circle of communication between societies, we find that the basic principle is coexistence and peace, because we are bearers of a message. Our religion is a general inclusive of all mankind, how do we reach the message of God while we quarrel or lack or despise the other? We should be lamented by the morals of the Prophet in dealing with the approver and also dealing with the offender, and we should obey the orders and prohibitions of the Prophet who forbade everything that signs hatred and deceives, for example the Prophet forbade selling a person to sell his brother, and from engaging one on a sermon His brother, to the end of these ethical controls, so that society may be purified from all that teases hearts, and everything that leads to conflict and alienation.
We do not deny that there is an evil that exists in some of our Muslim societies, and causes discord and conflict, led by people with false convictions and visions, by which they seek every way to destabilize Muslims, and they call for partisanship, to split the stick of obedience and to break with rulers.

Our Lord, the Exalted, the Exalted, if He desires to bring people to one degree, but it is the wisdom of the Creator so that one learns to transcend the causes of disagreement for the sake of public interests, and our responsibility is to resist all discord and disagreement trends, and to bind the Muslim community and their imam.
If we want to escape from falling into the temptation of separation and discord, the path is clear, the path is between, and the Hajj is white. We left it, may God bless him and grant him peace, we do not need to be guided by it at all times, until we return to the straight path of God.

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