01 February 2023 | 10 Rajab 1444
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Prof. Hamad Al-Hajri: We are commanded to be patient, and praise be to God when heavy rain falls

12 November 2018

In a few days, the weather has turned after heat and warmth to winds and rain, another verse of God Almighty, repeated every year, in which the power of God, the Blessed and Exalted be He, is manifested. .
About the coming of the rainy season and the weather changes, Prof. Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al-Hajri, a professor at the College of Sharia - Kuwait University, said that rain is one of the graces of God on His servants, in it there is abundance of water and the life of the earth, and this blessing like all blessings has etiquette with which the Muslim is disciplined, in worship of God And thank you for this blessing. God blessed and Almighty has provided us with the means and capabilities that we can now defend ourselves from the cold of winter or the effects of rain.
The rain in its origin is good and a blessing, and our Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, taught us the remembrance when the rain got heavier, so he used to say: “Oh God, a beneficial rain,” “God is about us, not against us,” just as the reminder taught us when the wind is strong. “Oh God, we ask you the best of this wind, the best of what is in it, and the best of what it was sent with, and we seek protection in You from its evil, the evil of what is in it, and the evil of what you sent with it.”
It is a grave mistake for a person to curse the eternity, or the weather, or the heavy rain, or any change in conditions that he does not like, who created the cold, the heat and the rain? Is not God Almighty?
We are commanded to be patient and say nothing but praise be to God, and the rain that a person thinks is harmful, may be beneficial on the other hand, as well as the wind, may bring mercy or bring torment, as stated in the hadith: “The wind is from the Spirit of God, it brings mercy and brings torment. Do not denounce it and seek refuge from its evil "[Abu Dawud] narrated it.
Thus, as God decreed for us in the spring season, the clear weather, and the pleasant weather, one should praise God and stop his tongue from complaining about the other seasons, and stop his tongue from what harms him, we all make mistakes or fall into matters that God Almighty does not like, then these adversities and conditions come Some of the sins atonement for us.
On the other hand, we should realize that entering the winter season has tremendous benefits. The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said “Fasting in the winter is the cold spoil” [provided by Ahmad], meaning the spoil without jihad, and his saying: “Winter is the spring of the believer.” From the wisdom of our Lord, the Exalted, the Exalted, in changing the atmosphere and changing the seasons, for the bodies to be revitalized for worship, for in winter the day is shortened, so a person fasts easily, without being too difficult for him to fast, and the night lengthens and he gets up as he pleases without getting tired, and the predecessors used to rejoice in the winter because the long nights enable them to sleep and rest Then there remains for them what they stand in the hands of God, to pray, contemplate and seek forgiveness.
Based on this, we should be aware of these good times, and remind ourselves to take advantage of these days, as winter is a season of closeness to God Almighty.
However, we should pay attention to health matters with the changing weather, and prepare what is necessary for the beginning of the winter season so that we do not become ill. There is no doubt that sickness is something that God Almighty decides, but it takes a person’s time, hinders him from work, and may delay him from worship, even if it is The reward is written, God willing, but a person must act according to the reasons, and the matter is in the hands of God Almighty in the end.
With the beginning of each rainy season, the question abounds about the rulings of winter and rain, about the extent of the purity of rainwater mixed with mud, about the permissibility of collecting prayer and so on, and in this regard, Dr. Hamad affirms that rain water is pure in it and does not spoil prayer, even if It mixed with dirt and formed mud and mud mud, which remains pure if it hits a person's garment when wading into it.
As for the permissibility of collecting prayers, The noon and afternoon prayers, the Maghrib and evening prayers, or holding the call to prayer and replacing the call of “live on prayer” with the call of “pray on your journeys” as mentioned in the Sunnah. The Sheikh says that the matter should be entrusted to the imam of every mosque, to ward off unnecessary problems and disputes. Because these emergency weather conditions may cause a difference between supporters and opponents, it is not permissible for people to disagree on prayer and disperse the Muslim community, just that everyone should leave the decision to the imam of the mosque, in order to ensure familiarity and friendliness among Muslims.
Likewise, it is not permissible for the imam to be hard on people, especially in the case of strong wind that may harm the owners of chest diseases, as long as there is a license, let him take it in order to facilitate the Muslims, for God desires that his concessions be given as his will.

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