23 February 2024 | 13 Shaaban 1445
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Ministry of Awqaf: Kaifan's preacher arrested for collecting donations without permission

12 March 2022

The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs clarified about what was circulated on social media that it suspended the volunteer preacher at the Kaifan Mosque from preaching for a period of three months due to his collecting donations through the Friday prayer platform.

The Ministry of Endowments clarified that what the preacher of the aforementioned mosque did for the second time was a violation of the rules and regulations of work in mosques, and a clear violation of the mosque’s charter, especially since the aforementioned preacher had pledged in writing to the ministry the first time not to repeat this violation.

The Ministry of Endowments confirmed that the suspension was not due to the final subject of the sermon, as it is currently in circulation, but rather due to the violation related to collecting donations without a permit in mosques.

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